It’s January once again, and time for a fresh start for the new year. You probably have your goals in place for your business pursuits as well as a few your personal life. How do you “see” what you are planning for the year? Try creating a vision board.

What's Your Vision?

Vision boards allow you to focus on how you want to feel. Athletes have used it for years to improve performance, why not use it for your business and personal life too. With a vision board, your eyes allow you to see what direction you want to head towards. You can not only look at what you want to do in the upcoming year, but you can also see what you want to feel. I keep mine behind my desk so that I can see it without too much effort.

There are no rules for creating a vision board, just put on it things that make you happy. I’d put up family activities like biking, that we want to continue doing this year. Also the travel that we plan to do in 2017. I also have inspirational quotes or sayings that keep me going. Business goals on my board too. I want to achieve certain things with my business so those reminders are where I can see them.

You’ll need:

  • Poster board, bulletin board or something that you can use for a posting station
  • Markers
  • Stickers, quotes, pictures (from magazines) photos, etc. Whatever you want to put on your board
  • Glue sticks, pushpins
  • List of places, goals, wishes for the next year
  • A block of time to design your board

Next steps:

You’ve got your format, now it is time to assemble your vision board. Start by creating an atmosphere with few distractions. Get relaxed so that your mind is willing to be creative. Then:

  • Determine which pictures you are going to use on the board. Start setting them in place.
  • Leave plenty of white space for words, phrases or inspirational quotes to be worked in.
  • Write a list of your quotes, sayings or phrases-keep things positive!
  • Glue it together or if you are a techie type person, save the file.

Now that you have your 2017 vision board finished, you need to place where you will look at it daily. This is important so that you are constantly reminding yourself of the feelings, goals and possibilities that you envisions at the start of the year for your life in 2017.

What is your vision for 2017? Only you can decide, but now you’ll be able to visualize your results.

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