Summer is perhaps one of the slowest times of the business year. People are vacationing, planning family gatherings and doing everything but working. At least, it seems that way. This malaise is pretty normal in most industries. In actuality, summer can be a good time to push your business forward. So, what can you do to break the slump?

Summer Slump? Get the Most Out of the Dog Days

Remind yourself why you started your business

This is a great time to think about all that you wanted to do with your business and what you have accomplished thus far. Starting your own business is a huge endeavor with endless opportunity. Remind yourself of what it is that you wanted to accomplish with having your own business.

Clean up those piles

I know that when I get busy, I tend to pile things up. This is a great time to clear the clutter and freshen up your work area. I always feel more accomplished and ready to plow ahead after doing the straightening, filing and re-organizing my office.

This is also a great time to make sure that you have your tax information lined up from the first half of the year. Enter in those receipts, invoices, expenses, etc. You will be happy that you did come tax time.

Focus on the big picture

While many of your clients may be taking time off, that doesn’t mean that business stops. Continue to pursue your business efforts. Look at the overall goals that you have set and don’t get frustrated with the small things. It is easy to get distracted and tied up the small tasks and lose sight of the big picture. Retain your focus.

Relax and enjoy

It is summer after all, you need to re-charge yourself. Take a walk, plan a vacation, and meet friends for coffee or dinner. Allowing yourself some down time will refresh and revitalize you. Giving yourself a break from working will provide you with a fresh perspective.

Find a coach

If you just can’t get out of your slump, a coach can offer a fresh perspective. You may just need someone to help you get back on track. Coaches are trained to look at the broad picture. You may be too close to everything to be objective. A professional coach or trusted mentor can help you to adjust your focus and help you over the slump.


Acknowledge at all of the positives that you have had. Celebrate what is going well. Look at the exciting things that you are planning for the next quarter. Take the time to notice all that is working for your business.

Summer is a time that many businesses have a lull. Make your slow time of the year, work for you. Enjoy some of the slow time and plan for your busy 3rd and 4th quarter.

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