The school year is coming to a close and soon the sounds of summer will be rampant. As a solopreneur, I often find that it’s challenging to continue working when the weather is nice, but even more so when the happy sounds of summer fill the air. The question is, “how do you get your work done and still enjoy the summer?” I’ve got some tips that may help you manage your business and make time to enjoy the upcoming months.


School's Out, but Life in the Summer Office Continues



One of the easiest ways for me to get things accomplished is to make a To-Do list. First, it allows me to focus on tasks that I need to accomplish, and second, I find that a quick glance during the day re-focuses my energy. It’s a great way to stay on task.


Time Blocks

Discover the most productive time of day for you to accomplish the most work at the office. For me, this is in the morning. During the summer, I block my morning hours for work. I find that I am less likely to be interrupted by family or the telephone. It’s just as important to block time off for self-care. It’s the summer, so make time for a trip to the gym or doing an activity with your children. The key here is to know ahead of time and schedule your work time accordingly.



It’s important to your well-being to clock out or disconnect from work each day. Set a time and stick to it! You need to create some down time to recharge yourself on a daily basis. Schedule this time into your week. Reconnect with your family and friends and do not answer emails or business calls. You will find yourself in a better frame of mind and your family will enjoy having your attention.


Plan Time Off

It’s the summer! Take time off and enjoy it. Plan a vacation or a weekend get-away. Enjoy yourself. You will find that you are more productive, enthused and will hit the ground running upon your return.


Take a Walk

Can’t get away right now…take a walk. Even a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood will help get the endorphins going. Fresh air and sunshine will perk you up and keep you energized. When I was working in the corporate world, I often would spend my lunch hour walking and return to the office full of energy.

Realistically, small business owners need to be available and tend to work long hours. Finding a good work/life balance is important to you and your business. Summer is a busy time for many businesses, however, it is important for you to remain motivated too. Take these steps to enable you to relax and destress over the summer.

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