Quest is a word that you don’t often hear connected to business endeavors, however, isn’t your goal in business a quest for success? As we begin a new year, I’m reminded of the goals and resolutions that I have and haven’t accomplished in years past. I discovered that the goals that I set for myself and my business are much more likely to be accomplished if I have them structured in a manner that keeps them organized and straightforward. In other words, I plan my “quests” and work the plan.

Is a Successful Business Your Quest?


Start by evaluating your business for the past year. I get a notebook and journal all of this information. Review what went well first. No exaggerating, no “could have” been comments, just use the facts. The next step is to list what could be improved. This can be a laundry list but be specific. Caution is needed when listing improvements. You need to only choose 1-2, otherwise you will get in a negative mode. We want to keep this positive. This evaluation and reflection will allow you to really narrow your focus for your goals and help you determine what direction your quest takes.


The next step is to figure out what motivates you. This will change over the years. Most people start out being motivated by money or status. You may find that security for your family is important at a later time in life. You need to take the time to determine your motivators. Write them in your notebook.


As your quest continues, keep in mind that your vision for a successful business and personal life belongs to you. It is your needs and desires that will determine in what direction your business will move.
You can now determine what your goals are for moving your business towards a successful 2018. Keep in mind, goals need to be measurable, realistic, and achievable.


There are a couple of ways that you can keep your goals in focus throughout the year without driving yourself crazy. Last year, I did a blog on What’s Your Vision?, outlining how to make a vision board and keep your goals in sight for the year. This approach works well especially if you are a visual person.

One thing that helps me is to set a time to periodically review what my goals are and where I am in accomplishing them. I like to make sure that I am still focusing on my target market, that my clients are satisfied and that I am comfortable with the time that I spend working versus the time that I am with my family.

It is great to have goals, however, they are not useful unless you focus on achieving them. These tips can help you go on your quest for a successful 2018.

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