Pick some LinkedIn profiles of people that you know. What does it say about what they are doing? Is it accurate, or does it seem outdated? Now, read your own profile. Chances are you will find that you profile isn’t exactly current.

I am just as guilty as most people. I need to check my profile more often. Your life changes. Activities, interest and buzzwords need to remain current to keep yourself “linked” in the business community.

Your LinkedIn Profile

When reviewing your profile check the following:

Profile Picture

The first question you should ask yourself is, “Is my picture current?” If your profile shot is over a year old, consider getting a new one. You can use a variety of shots for this picture. A professional headshot, full body shot, or somewhere in between. The key to having a great profile picture is quality.


Make this work for you. It’s not necessary to use your current job title, after all, the work you do may be called something different elsewhere. You can be a little creative with your headline.

It’s Not a Resume!

When outlining your experiences and project successes, don’t post your resume. People want to scan this part and get to know you. Don’t overwhelm your readers by posting your job description.

Summarize Your Values

The summary statement is a great place to stand out and differentiate yourself from others. Make it the place where the reader can understand why you are great at what you do.

Okay, now that you’ve reviewed your profile, you may be wondering, is it worth the work to make adjustments? The answer is absolutely yes! Here’s why. LinkedIn:

  • Has several hundred millions of members. It is among the world’s largest professional networks.
  • Allows people in similar fields to contact you.
  • Offers connections, shares services, and provides contacts, referrals and vital resources at your fingertips.
  • Makes you become more visible in your industry.
  • Keeps you current with trends, companies, and industry leaders.
  • Offers you branding. Your personal branding becomes known by your increase visibility.
  • Your credibility expands along with your network.
  • Shows up on search engines. This is really valuable to you as a business person.

So, instead of posting your profile once and considering it complete, check it at least every six months and see what should be updated. Watch the overused buzzwords. Keep your profile fresh. Above all else, make sure your contact information is current. Believe it or not, this is an issue with many profiles!

Once your profile is updated and going strong, you can keep the momentum going by posting often. This helps you stay connected to your professional community. Good luck and stay LinkedIn!

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