You’ve reviewed your current year and have plans in place for 2017. You’ve provided yourself with target goals and a plan that reflects your vision of success for your business. You should have your objectives aligned with your goals so that success can be achieved. Now, what’s next?

How to Implement Your Goals Into a Strategy for Success

Too often, everything stops once a plan has been created. It is critical now that you plan your next steps in order to continue moving forward. There are several steps that will help ensure forward momentum.


Look at your goals and determine the order that you want them to be accomplished. Look at what is most critical. Determine what will have the most impact on your business. You need to accept the challenge that some goals may be long term, over the course of the year, while others will be short term and completed quickly. Note: this doesn’t mean that you should complete all of your short term goals first just because they can be done quickly. The key is balancing your goals throughout the year.

Create Strategies

I can’t say enough about planning your strategy for each goal. Not only will this help you ferret out issues earlier, it will help you budget your time, funds and focus on your needs to accomplish your goals.


Plan your week to align with your goals. Daily, review what you’ve accomplished. Weekly, or monthly, review where you are in achieving your goals with someone you trust-perhaps an accountability partner or trusted mentor. This will help you stay committed and also allow you to troubleshoot issues that might be occurring. This person will help you stay on target.

On a quarterly basis, review your actual accomplishments with your goals. Adjust your strategies for the next quarter to reflect where you are in the year and what you need to accomplish. Make sure that your plans for the next quarter will continue to help you accomplish your yearly target.

Take Notes

Write down what is going well and why. This is important for future goals. If you are doing something well, you want to keep doing it. Also, take note of what you would do differently, and how you would make adjustments. If your strategic plan is not working well for you, make notes on what you think happened and what could be handled differently. You want to be able to keep forward momentum going. Remember, not everything will work well for you.

Your goals are personal to your business. You need to be able to strategize where you want your business to be at the end of 2017. Planning, and executing your strategy takes a little time and follow through. Get off to a great start for next year by setting yourself up for success.

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