…my personal archenemy! While I try to be organized, my office area periodically gets stacked with papers and general “stuff”, so I need to do my fall “declutter” clean up to get back on track prior to the busy holiday season… Here are some of my tips that help me get clutter-free in my office.


Sort the piles. Papers need to be tossed or filed. Be ruthless! Old documents shredded, discard old catalogs and magazines.



Look at the top of your desk. Determine what items you really need there. For me, it’s my laptop, cell phone holder, pen, notebook, calendar and sticky notes. Then clear everything else off. It’s amazing the space you will have. Things I might need on occasion are placed in a small cabinet next to my desk. Handy yet stored.



Plan 1 day a week to “declutter” your space. For me it’s Friday. This allows me to wrap up loose ends from the week and know that I will start fresh on Monday with a clean desk. It’s astounding what collects in a week


One of my obstacles is that I have other family members using my office space. My college-age son has discovered the advantages of “plugging in” when I am not using my desk. This is fine with me, however, I have to rearrange things when I do get back to my desk. Keeping items to a minimum helps.

I also have two ground rules for sharing my desk:

  1. If it wasn’t on the desk when you sat down, it goes when you leave
  2. If you move something, put it back where you found it

Since both are simple, sharing space need not be an issue.

The hardest part for me is tossing things out. I want to keep things in case I need to refer to them later. Keeping to a weekly habit of throwing out non-necessary items helps tremendously.

Keeping your office space clutter-free need not be difficult. Being consistent and creating a decluttering habit will change your office space into a great workspace once again.

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