Holidays are the time for family, friends, parties, and shopping, yet I still have to make time to get my work done. In all of the chaos of my household, I find that I need to get really organized in order to enjoy myself during the holiday season.

Get things done

Here are a few items that help me manage my holiday schedule and get things done.


Everything goes on the calendar. All family parties, my kids’ activities, church activities, work deadlines, appointments. Everything that can go on the calendar does. The challenge here is to get my husband’s list of activities on the calendar. This includes his meetings, or parties outside of his workday. Once everything is on the calendar, I can start prioritizing.

Prioritize Tasks

While I don’t prioritize family activities, if it looks like we are going to be double-booked, or have too many commitments, I cancel something. This keeps me from being overloaded. My work load is prioritized too. While I don’t cancel tasks, I do try and schedule tasks to be done earlier than the deadline. This allows me to handle the unexpected activities like a last minute shopping trip with my daughter.


You’ve prioritized your tasks now schedule the most challenging things on your slowest days and at your peak work times. This will allow you to be more efficient.

Plan Time Off

One thing that you need to make sure that you do, is to take time off. Plan for the days that you need to do other things for the holiday season. When you plan ahead, you won’t be as stressed and can get everything accomplished that you need to do.

Make Lists

I’m a great believer in having lists. It helps me to remember things when I am at my busiest. It also is great to have a list handy if someone else has time available and I can delegate a task. I start the week with a general task list. Each day I assess what needs to be completed based on what has happened the previous day.

To sum it up:

  • Put it on the calendar
  • Prioritize work activities
  • Set your completion of tasks earlier than the deadline
  • Don’t be afraid to cancel if you have too many things happening
  • Schedule time off
  • Make lists

Remember, it’s the holidays. Your work won’t suffer if you have a plan in place. You can enjoy the holidays with some preplanning and still get all of your work completed.

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