Books on improving your writing skills abound. Many of them say the same thing while others are just trying to sell a “manual.” I recently finished reading How to Write Copy that Sells by Ray Edwards, and found that this book is very different from others that I have read. This book contains, in 12 chapters, information on everything from writing headlines more effectively to writing that all important sales letter.

Boost Your Writing in 12 Lessons

Amanda and I compared notes on this book and what both of us agreed on immediately is that the quick summary at the end of each chapter is a great tool. This summary provides an “at-a-glance” refresher on the chapter contents. A wonderful reference guide for beginners as well as good reminders for experienced writers. I especially found the chapter on e-mail very insightful. Making sure that your e-mail is effective and not hitting the spam folder is important to all of us and this chapter provides some excellent points to consider.

As I read through the book, it seems as if the “lessons” became more challenging. It’s a great approach, especially for those new to copywriting. This method provides a building momentum and keeps the book from being a dry reference manual. Too often in this type of book, all you see are facts, suggestions and the “do it my way” options. Edwards has provided opportunities to learn, experience and continue the momentum gained through this fast reading material. His last chapter, The Copywriting Challenge, does just that. It is a challenge to all who have read this book to do two things. Both challenges intended to keep the reader moving in a forward, productive manner as it pertains to their writing. Instead of just a book that you’ve read, it now becomes a book that you use.

In case you missed the July newsletter, here are some additional books that Amanda and I felt were interesting.

Let us know what you are reading this summer.

Valerie Dutton is a virtual assistant who is an experienced writer of newsletter, blogs, manuals and various business materials. She has a background in business management, education and corporate training and development. She achieved her Master’s degree in Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University and also holds a degree in journalism, broadcasting and business. Valerie likes to spend her spare time with her family, husband David and two teenagers, travelling, biking and boating.

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