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7 Ways to Help Boost Business Expansion

Are you a solopreneur with a very successful business? If this is the case, you may be thinking about expansion. Solopreneurs have different things to consider than business owners or entrepreneurs. First, let’s discuss what the difference is between a solopreneur and...

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Up Your Results by Checking These Great Reads

I am always after a great book to read. I find that whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I can get hooked on a book and glean a lot of information. Being a busy person means that my time is limited, so I find that it helps to look at lists and reviews to narrow down my...

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Summer Slump? Get the Most Out of the Dog Days

Summer is perhaps one of the slowest times of the business year. People are vacationing, planning family gatherings and doing everything but working. At least, it seems that way. This malaise is pretty normal in most industries. In actuality, summer can be a good time...

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Helpful Work-Life Advice for the Summer

Summer is here and for those of you that work from home, it could mean that kids are now changing your routine. Adjusting can be challenging but with a plan, you can still experience business success. Whew! Yep, I totally agree with that but I’d like to add that not...

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How to Put Your Life and Work in Balance

This is reality. Making your business successful often interferes with your personal life and vice versa. A study published by the American Sociological Review, states that 70% of American workers have issues balancing and finding a way to make their work and life...

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Summer Strategies to be Successful with Your Business

Ah, it’s almost here. That time of year that calls to us to relax and slow down. Summer is fast approaching. It is easy to get into the summer slump with your business if you don’t take steps now to offset those lazy days of summer. You may think that it isn’t...

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Check-in Time! Are You Where You Need to Be?

It’s that time of year again. Time to prepare for your mid-year check on how your business is doing. If things are going well, you may think that this is an unnecessary use of your time, however, the opposite is true. Here’s why. Comparing your beginning goals to your...

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Your LinkedIn Profile…Is It Really What You Are Doing Now?

Pick some LinkedIn profiles of people that you know. What does it say about what they are doing? Is it accurate, or does it seem outdated? Now, read your own profile. Chances are you will find that you profile isn’t exactly current. I am just as guilty as most people....

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How to Communicate with Your Virtual Team

You have a great team in place to help you succeed with your business goals, but do you really get the best from your team? Communicating with them is a key to your success, and as the leader of the team, it is up to you to create an environment that makes...

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