Productivity and Techie Tips

Get Clutter-Free and Love Your Workspace personal archenemy! While I try to be organized, my office area periodically gets stacked with papers and general “stuff”, so I need to do my fall “declutter” clean up to get back on track prior to the busy holiday season... Here are some of my tips...

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How to Get Your Year-End in Gear

We are going strong in the 4th quarter and now is the time to do some year-end assessments on your business. You need to start preparing for next year as this year comes to a close. I’ve put together a quick checklist to help you wrap it up. Determine where your...

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How to Make Sure You Have Secure Passwords

Secure passwords, do you use them? It's vitally important to your business. As I started my business, I quickly got overwhelmed with all the usernames and passwords I was creating. I had a text file where I recorded everything but even that was getting too long to...

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Work-Time Play-Time – Balance Your Life

Often work makes people feel guilty. The job comes first, but so does your family life. How do you balance the two, especially during the summer months when there are vacations to consider and kids out of school.     My June blog reviewed my tips for staying...

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School’s Out, but Life in the Office Continues

The school year is coming to a close and soon the sounds of summer will be rampant. As a solopreneur, I often find that it’s challenging to continue working when the weather is nice, but even more so when the happy sounds of summer fill the air. The question is, “how...

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Are You in a Rut with Your Social Media?

Keeping up with social media posting can be tedious. You’re always in content gathering mode and you end up feeling like you’re losing time with client work. Sometimes it feels boring. It’s not like you’re getting engagement anyway.     Does this sound like you? The...

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Are You Keeping Up With Social Media Changes?

Social media is going through a lot of changes now and in the near future. Some of these changes were expected, some not, however, your business will be impacted if you don’t catch up with what is happening. I’ve included links to several articles that will provide...

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5 Awesome Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

Vacation. That truly wonderful time when you can relax and enjoy yourself, that is, unless you are stressing about your business. You would like to think that taking a vacation is easy. Just pack and go, however, if you are a small business owner, there is much more...

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3 Simple Tips to Help You Prepare for Taxes

When it comes to filing taxes, preparation is the key to a successful experience. Whether you use an accountant, an accounting program or do it the old fashioned way, by filling out the paper forms, preparation is imperative. The better prepared you are before you do...

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