Do you need to get organized?

Organizing my office isn’t always at the forefront of my busy day, but sometimes it needs to happen. It’s so easy to just stack the papers, books and sticky notes wherever I can. It’s only a matter of time before I get bogged down in the “stuff” that can slow down my performance levels. That’s the last thing that a busy entrepreneur wants or needs. Every so often, at least once a quarter, I reassess my office surroundings and take the time to get myself back on the organized, efficient track that helps me move forward.

6 easy ways to get your office organized

Here are some suggestions to help you de-clutter your office and regain control of your space.

1. Get a trash bag and your shredder ready

You need to aggressively purge the paper. Do you really need to have a hard copy when the document is saved to the cloud or another safe place? Think about what you are stacking in piles and then get rid of anything unnecessary or obsolete.

2. File

Either place important items (receipts, tax information, current client needs, etc.) in a binder or file. Get it off of your desk.

3. Check office supplies

Having enough ink, pens, paper, etc. makes it easier to work uninterrupted. I store my extra supplies in an area that is easily accessible from my desk, yet not in my way when I am working. Make a list of what you need and pick it up when you are near an office supply store.

4. Keep your desk clean

Make it an area that is used only for work materials. Since I work from home, my desk somehow becomes a magnet for items that belong to the rest of my family. Periodically removing these things makes my desk my workspace not a depository for miscellaneous items.

5. Create a “catch-all” space

A basket or a bin works well. This is where you place the periodicals, paperwork, etc. that you need to review, but lack the time at the moment. Caution on this, your “catch -all” can easily become a spot where you toss everything. Make a point of cleaning out this area each week. Set yourself an appointment to go through the materials weekly and either trash or file when finished with them.

6. Empty your wastebasket daily

While this may seem unnecessary at times, keeping your wastebasket empty will allow you to fill it as needed. If your wastebasket is almost full when you start the day, you are more likely to start stacking papers. This is a simple trick that may save you time when you do your quarterly purge.

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Sometimes de-cluttering can really give you a productivity boost and why not make it a place you look forward to enjoying.

While these tips may not totally organize your office, you will find that managing your office space will allow you to be more productive and feel good about where you spend a lot of your time.

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