Your business is growing and you are getting busier by the day. You are trying to balance your life with your job and are starting to feel overwhelmed. Sound familiar? If this is your world these tips may save your sanity and help you stop spinning your wheels.

5 Tips for Delegating

Create a task list

All tasks should be listed, not just the jobs that you want to pass to someone else. This will help you identify what tasks you should give up. Make your list complete.

Identify tasks that can be delegated

This is sometimes difficult since you will be giving power over to someone else. You may lean towards just identifying the jobs that you don’t like to do, however, you need to be realistic and identify instead, the jobs that someone else can accomplish for you at your skill level. This is important because you need to feel confident that the person you delegate tasks to will keep or exceed your standards.

Select the person who is doing the work

You will want someone that you can trust to do a great job for you. This person may not do the job the same as you do, but don’t panic. You may find that a different approach to a task is actually better. The key to selecting this person is to look for the characteristics that you admire. This person needs to be reliable, able to work independently and have good communication skills. You need to have someone able to “deliver the goods” for you.

Outline responsibilities

Set clear cut goals, timelines and anticipated outcomes for each task. Make sure that the person you delegate a job to feels free to ask you questions. You want them to feel confident in what they are doing.


Some people have a challenge in giving up some of their responsibility to others. Often they are afraid to delegate, or feel a loss of control. When you have a trusted individual to pass tasks to, your life will become easier. If you feel uncomfortable, start with small tasks and expand responsibilities as your trust grows.

Delegating is a skill that when developed will help you do your job more effectively. As you share your tasks, you’ll find that you will be less stressed and better able to complete your own list of jobs.


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