Keeping it Clean – How to Properly Mark Transfers in WAVE


Keeping your bookkeeping records clean doesn’t have to be complicated. When you transfer funds from one account to another, it shouldn’t be listed as an expense or income. It’s simply a transfer. This tutorial will show you the steps to

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Juggling Tasks? 3 Ways to Keep them From Falling


We really try, don’t we? We try to keep to-do lists in our heads. We write notes on tiny slips of paper that end up getting lost. Juggling tasks can be challenging and if you don’t do it in a

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Create your Future with Affirmations


It’s a new year! Catch the excitement and use that good energy to work on planning your vision for your business. Business owners use many different methods for creating goals and tracking them, but for me, I’ve found that if

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Cleaning Out Your Inbox

Clean Inbox

Having a clean inbox is vitally important to keeping you organized. A messy (or full) inbox can leave you feeling overwhelmed and afraid that you’re missing something. Here are a few tips on how you can keep a clean inbox.

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The Ghoulish End to the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Ghoulish End to Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today is dark, rainy and very wet. It’s Halloween so the kids are excited about going out and begging for candy. Today is also the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. How did I do? Ha-ha! Well, I’d say

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What’s so Pinterest-ing?

Pinterest Finds

Pinterest can be a great place to find information, recipes, craft ideas and inspiration. Today I thought I’d share a round up of my most recent pins. Fall Decor I love fall. It’s my favorite season. I love the crisp

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Social Media Sunday – Your Facebook Page About Section


So many people miss this opportunity to utilize the Facebook About section on their Facebook Page. I’ve even seen some pages with NO description! Here’s the thing, if your business is not a physical location, you have 155 characters to

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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Secure Passwords


Secure passwords, do you use them? It’s vitally important to your business. As I started my business, I quickly got overwhelmed with all the user names and passwords I was creating. I had a text file where I recorded everything

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