5 Simple Tips For Delegating

5 Tips for Delegating

Your business is growing and you are getting busier by the day. You are trying to balance your life with your job and are starting to feel overwhelmed. Sound familiar? If this is your world these tips may save your

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My 3 Words for 2015

3 Words 2015

Finding My 3 Words for 2015 Honestly I ended 2014 with the idea of 1 word for 2015. I had it all picked out and was ready to roll in 2015. Then I read Chris Brogan’s post about his 3

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Why Do I Need Processes?

Why Processes

As business owners we know that processes are needed, but sometimes actually documenting them falls lower on our priority list. Reminders come from everywhere (every business book, the media, courses, etc) and we always think “later”. As much as we

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How to Find Quotes for Social Media

How to Find Quotes

Sharing things on social media should be sharing more about what makes you and your business unique. Yes, you. Social media is about being “social”. Yes, this coming from a total introvert. The more I show the real person behind

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3 Simple Tips for Creating Social Media Images

Social Media Images

I never thought I would love it, but I do. I love creating images for blog posts, quotes and tips. Maybe its because it lets me get my creative side out of my techie head? I don’t know. My techie

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Why You Need a Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Digital detox? Yes, chances are you really, really do. We spend too much time connected to electronics. We have our smart phones, tablets and laptops. Even the television is an electronic. Too much time on electronics dulls our senses, gives

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