No-Nonsense Guide to Instagram

No-Nonsense Guide to Instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, figuring out how to optimize your profile and strategically post can be challenging. I’ve been on Instagram for a long while now, not as a business, for personal use. Why not combine the two into

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3 Tools for Capturing Opt-ins

Capturing opt-ins

We’ve been talking a lot about list building this month. Sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Finding just the right plugin or tool that’s easy to setup, doesn’t cost a fortune and beautifully does the job can be challenging. Here

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How to Make a Round Headshot Using PicMonkey

Quick Tip Round Headshot

I’m turning some of the answers to questions I hear the most into Quick Tip videos. My email subscribers will receive them first and then I’ll post them here. If you have a question I can help you with, please

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The Best Locations to Place Your Opt-ins

Place Optins

Opt-in boxes can be placed anywhere on your website. Opt-ins are a way to effectively grow your list of subscribers. The placement of these boxes depends on what results you want and the type of industry. Opt-ins can be located

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6 Tips for Growing Your List

6 Tips for Growing Your List

Many people think that growing your email or social media list is a numbers game, and this is true to a certain extent. The numbers are important to your income growth, but the quality of your list is just as

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5 Simple Tips For Delegating

5 Tips for Delegating

Your business is growing and you are getting busier by the day. You are trying to balance your life with your job and are starting to feel overwhelmed. Sound familiar? If this is your world these tips may save your

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